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Leave it to Beckham


His hotness David Beckham obvi needs 2 covers! All tatted up and looking handsome as always, DB covers Elle UK’s July cover(s). What a #beautiful.creature!


Mrs. Victoria perfect Beckham-> singer, fashion designer, mom, and business-woman covers Interview’s June/July cover. Captivating, even with just her eyes. #epitome.of.the.ideal.woman.



Kanye & Kim K

Ok…so they can both be a little annoying but I love them together!! So stylish & happy. #love 🙂

Elle China

I’m obsessed with the Elle China June covers of Lv Yan and her baby! Sooo cute! #love

An Affair to Remember

Love the W May cover: Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen by Emma Summerton

W May: An affair to remember:

The Hemingway & Gellhorn co-stars look glamorous as Martha Gellhorn and Earnest Hemingway, one America’s most famous literary couples. Clive, handsome as always and Nicole, gorgeous as always!

The HBO film is scheduled to air on May 28, 2012. Excited to see it!



I loved the left polka dot dress from Stella McCartney’s runway show so I wanted to get one. The Stella McCartney dress is $2,155.00 but I found a replica of it by ABS for $230. Almost the same but a couple thousand cheaper :).

Runway imgs via Stella McCartney

ABS polka dot dress availabitiy via Saks Fifth Avenue


Scarlett Johansson looking beautiful and glamorous (as always) on Vogue’s May issue.

Captivating in Prada

Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson by Mario Testino

I absolutely love this photo.. everything about it!


Rihanna by Tom Murno in Elle April.

Loving Rihanna as a blonde!

I LOVE the film-set feel of this editorial..

Now & Then


I wore this dress almost 6 years ago in Chicago and it’s been in my closet ever since….. until last night. It’s YanaK for Bebe. This is when Bebe actually had nice things and wasn’t trashy and cheap! Things have changed in 6 years.

Last night I went out for  my cousin’s bday and resurrected it from my closet.


So if you can’t find something to wear, dig into the back of your closet before you run out and buy something new! You may be pleasantly surprised and find something from 6 years ago!




Keira Knightley by Mert and Marcus in Interview’s April issue.



Elle Serbia

Love Tijana Sarenac by Milos Nadazin for Elle Serbia’s April Issue